Aupairs at Work charges the following for Au Pair Placements!

*Kindly note that all fees mentioned below are non-negotiable 


Transport Details

Employment Assessment

Terms and Conditions

I understand that I am an individual seeking assistance in finding an aupair position based on my experience and qualifications. I agree not to give any of my contact details to any potential families until employment is finalised and contracts are sign by all 3 (three) parties involved. Should the family not pay Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd the placement fee due, I agree that the contract becomes null & void and employment will no longer commence on the agreed date. Should I enter into communication or commence employment with an employer without Aupairsatwork (pty) Ltd’s knowledge, I will become jointly responsible for the placement fee due. If I leave employment in the first 3 months, I become liable to pay a fee to Aupairsatwork (pty) Ltd based on all the admin and necessary steps taken to find a suitable position for me. (This only applies if you terminate or if negligence is found to be accurate from employer)

I understand that Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd is acting as the intermediary between myself and any potential employer and will negotiate on my behalf. I also agree to be honest at all times and give truthful feedback after any interview that was set up by Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd.

I give my consent to Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd to do any necessary background checks, these include but are not limited to: Criminal, ID verification, Fraud listings, qualification checks, reference check as well as all online/social media platforms. If requested by a potential employer, do you consent to an IMI (Psychometric Integrity Analysis), do you agree to complete the analysis within 48 hours of the request.

If requested, are you prepared to take your vehicle to a respective institution provided by us to undergo a roadworthy test and receive a certificate?

I certify the above information to be accurate and truthful and should I be in breach of contract, legal repercussions will be pursued. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd of any employment, either temporary or permanent offered to me by persons (and their agents) to whom I have been introduced by Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd.