Aupair Salary Guideline

  • *Suggested hourly rates as follows:
  • Guideline of salary for aupair

  • Experience0-12 hours per week13-20 hours per week21-30 hours per week31 or more hours per week
    1 yearR2500R4000R5000R7000+
    2-3 yearsR3000R4500R6000R8000+
    3-4 yearsR3500R5000R6500R8500+
    4 years plusR4000R5500R7000R9000+
  • Over time to be reimbursed at 1.5 x the hourly rate Sundays & Public Holidays should be reimbursed at double the hourly rate.*The above rates are not inclusive of travel, which is usually reimbursed at R3.24 per KM. Usually the family decides to either include a travel allowance based on an average of kilometres in a month into the salary alternatively a log book is kept by the employee and pay accordingly.

Au pair Salaries

Here is a guideline of suggested au pair salaries for families who are looking to employ a high calibre Au Pair.

Agency fees

How much will everything cost you in regards to Registartion Fee Placement Fee Payment Options.

Placement forms

In order for Aupairs at Work to assist you with finding a suitable au pair for your family we do require that you complete the following documents.