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Terms & Conditions

Purpose of the Agreement

This agreement serves as a contract between Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd and the client for the placement services rendered by Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd to the client. Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd undertakes to use its skills and knowledge to seek out a suitable candidate for the client.
We draw your attention to the fact that we undertake the following screening procedures

- Police Clearance
- Work references
- Character references (not a family member, eg: priest, pastor, teacher etc)
- Facebook
- Copy of valid drivers license and ID
- Copy of ownership of car and relevant car insurance
- Childcare related experience and qualifications

Client’s Obligations

The client undertakes to give Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd all the necessary and requested information, as to the nature of worked concerned, the required qualifications and experience required of the candidate, as well as any other information requested in order to fulfil our obligation.
Please be advised that UIF and Workmans compensation contributions is the statutory obligation of the employer to deduct these amounts from the employees monthly gross salary. Please consult with your accountant for further details.



The client undertakes to pay Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd an administration fee of R200.00. The said amount must be paid by the client to Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd prior to us carrying out any placement services. Once a candidate has been placed. If a client no longer requires the services of Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd for any reason, the R200.00 administration fee will not be refunded.

Placement Fees:

- For permanent placements Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd charges a NON REFUNDABLE placement fee calculated at the rate of 10% of the gross annual salary, this also includes the petrol allowance and live in allowance if applicable built into the gross salary. The placement fee is payable, in full, upon confirmation of the placement with the candidate and no later than 3 days from date of signing of this contract. No candidate will be permitted to commence employment with the client until all fees due to Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd have been paid in full.
- The placement fee must be paid 14 days (fourteen) prior to the commencement date of the starting date of the aupair’s first day of work due to statutory notice period laws.
- Placement fees for temporary positions will be calculated as follows, these fees are NON REFUNDABLE:


- 1 day to 1 month A standard rate of R3500
- 1 month 1 day – 3 months is 30% of the total gross income paid to the candidate
- 3 months 1 day  – 5 months is 25% of the total gross income paid to the candidate
- 5 months 1 day  – 7 months is 20% of the total gross income paid to the candidate
- 7 months 1 day – 10 months is 15% of the total gross income paid to the candidate
- 10 months 1 day to 12 months is 12% of the total gross income paid to the candidate
NB: Gross income must include petrol allowance and live in benefits if applicable.


- Please note that the temporary/fixed term fees are calculated as per above, should employment be terminated for any reason prior to the agreed contract dates, there will be no guarantee period nor will there be any pro-rated refunds payable to the employer.


Please note:
All placement fees must be paid in full, 3 days from date of signing the contract. The Invoice is submitted on the same date as contracts and should the Client not pay Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd within the specified time period, legal repercussions will be at the agencies discretion against the Client for all outstanding monies as well as all legal costs incurred and the chosen Au pair will not commence work until such fees have been paid and the transfer/deposit slip as well as annexure B, C, D & E has been signed and returned to Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd.
The breach of contractual obligation will also have statutory ramifications for the aupair.

All payments to be paid directly into our account as follows:
Account Name                                            : Aupairsatwork
Bank                                                            : FNB
Branch                                                         : 250655
Acc Number                                                : 62693551907
Reference                                                   : Name & surname

Guarantee Period

Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd offers a 3 month guarantee period on permanent placements only, subject to the following:

- That all avenues of internal mediation have been explored by both parties and that the terms and conditions of all Labour Laws have been adopted and adhered to.

Liability Clause

- Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd acts as an intermediary only and is not the employer. The Client must ensure they are 100% sure of the suitability of the Au pair prior to hiring them – Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd is not responsible if the Au pair proves to be unsuitable. The choice of Au pair remains the Client’s decision by submitting the application form, the Client accepts these terms and conditions.


- Aupairsatwork (Pty) Ltd accepts no liability of any kind for any inconvenience, loss of or damage to property, or any loss or personal injury or death howsoever arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of any applicant introduced by the Agency even if such an act or omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals dishonesty and not only limited to the above but any cause whatsoever